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Pics look great guy's, CCMI: looks like it's about the size of a 4 from your pics with the 3?

Over in the BK&T section there's already pics of stripped/"modded" ones that came out great. The laser etching is pretty deep so even after taking a forced patina you can still see it clear as day. I'm also loving the non "Ninja" color on the scales, and I'm so glad that Tan is the new Black.

I know JV3's honesty isn't appreciated everywhere but I do appreciate it here... though what he pointed out is just personal preference. But atleast if it came dull or sucked in performance he'd have no problem posting it.

Keep the pics coming, I have all three on order but I need the factory versions for making sheaths.

I don't have a 4, but it's very similar based on specs and pics I've seen. The 4 would've been a better comparison but the 3 is what I had.

I appreciate his honesty here or anywhere else. Someone else made a thread over there pointing out their dislikes and I'm glad they did. It's good to get outside perspective (he was not a Beckerhead) for honest feedback.

I'm liking mine a lot so far, just trying to decide if I'll keep it as a user or sell it for the FFG production model. I kinda want both in my hand before I settle it.